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Made for many by a devoted few. Then,

we expanded. Now you can expand your viewing choices because of our hard working team. 

There's more .... but the rest is irrelevant.

Our Story

VPN Trust Initiative

VTI is aimed at educating the public about cybersecurity and setting quality standards for the whole VPN industry. With it, we hope to improve VPN services and help people stay safe online, no matter which provider they choose.

Social responsibility

Internet freedom is one of our core values, so we’re always involved in digital rights projects. We give others emergency VPN access to help fight surveillance and censorship, materially support causes focusing on human and digital rights, and work hard to educate the public about the importance of cybersecurity.

Bug bounty

Nobody’s perfect. To help improve the quality and security of BirdsEye services, we’ve launched a generous bug bounty program. This way, both ordinary people and professionals can be rewarded for uncovering vulnerabilities in our network and protecting our users.


Audits can reveal weaknesses — and strengths. We routinely submit our apps to independent researchers for thorough security testing, fixing any flaws uncovered. We also rigorously audit our vendors for reliability.

Our Values

Our team wakes up every morning with one core goal — to keep the internet as free as possible. This is our passion and why we come to work every day. We strive to provide security and privacy on the web. We make sure no one sees what you do online because they shouldn’t. Nor should we, for that matter.

Our Philisophy

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